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This pages present all the user roles which the system is targeted at.

Primary roles:

Product Owner - He only cares about money. Every Scrum project must have a Product Owner. He knows everything about the system that is being developed and if he doesnt, he know who does. Another great responsability of the Product Owner is to keep the Product Backlog always up to date and priorized. He also will provide direction's for development team to follow so the project can generate the best possible ROI for it's stakeholders and users. This role will use this system mainly for:
  • Maintain the Product Backlog
  • Track the project's progress

Scrum Master -

Team Member - Team members are the hard working class of a Scrum project. They are responsable for turn user stories into working software at the end of every sprint. This role will use this system mainly for:
  • Keep track of tasks they're working on
  • Watch sprint progress on Sprint Burndown graph

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